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'Win The Day"

Pave your path to equestrian success under the trusted guidance of Coach Mary Meneely!

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Coach Mary Meneely

About Coach Mary Meneely

“For over 30 years, Coach Mary Meneely has dedicated herself to coaching equestrian riders to reach their full potential. With 11 years of experience coaching in the National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA), 30 years of owning and operating a successful equine training operation, and a mother of a D-1 college athlete, her experience and expertise is unmatched as a college equestrian consultant, clinician, business consultant, and equestrian mentor. She has seen success stories in all forms. Coach Meneely knows the importance of seeking guidance from an experienced coach to help guide you in the right direction to accomplish your equestrian dreams, goals, and aspirations!



Coach Mary Meneely's primary mission is to empower clients with the tools to successfully showcase their equestrian skills, their strengths and abilities in the show arena and in life. Coach Meneely fine tunes and adds the finishing touches to your equestrian strengths to have you Win The Day!


Coach Mary Meneely travels throughout the USA and worldwide providing additional services to equine associations, youth, amateurs, and equine professionals in the form of clinics, business consulting, personalized riding lessons, seminars, and equine mentorship. She is now accepting (and filling up quickly) bookings for her travels in 2024 and 2025. 

Coaching and Professional History

Coach Mary Meneely's Coaching and Professional History

  • Business Owner

  • University of Georgia Equestrian Coach

  • Auburn University Equestrian Coach

  • 5x NCEA National Champion Coach

  • 5x SEC Championship Coach 

  • 114 NCEA All-American Titled Riders

  • 500+ World, National, and Congress Champions

  • AQHA Professional Horseman

  • Batchelor's Degree in Marketing

A Bit of News, Awards, Interviews, Publications

News, Awards, Interviews, Publications

The Stovall Foundation

The Stovall Foundation

The mission of The Stovall Foundation is to support youths’ passions and needs through sports and spiritual coaching. Subscribe to our email list to read about what we are currently doing and our future goals via


I strongly recommend The Stovall Foundation if you are searching for a worthy charity to support. This foundation arranges events for underprivileged children in the local community and also in Belize. To find out more about their programs and ways you can help, visit their website at and follow @stovallfoundation on social media. Additionally, donating is very convenient as you can give directly on their website.


-Coach Mary Meneely,

A proud supporter of  The Stovall Foundation

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